6 Hands Guitar Trio

June 1st 2017
Malvern Forum Theatre

JW6 Etheridge

Great opportunity to see John Williams, John Etheridge and Gary Ryan on the same stage in Malvern. John Williams is known to everyone and we've seen him here in Worcester courtesy of the Concert Club. He's had a long collaboration with jazz guitar icon John Etheridge in Malvern and you may have been lucky to see them as a duo in Malvern before. Gary Ryan is also known to Worcester audiences, having played a couple of times in Huntingdon Hall. Gary is a fantastic guitarist and composer, if you haven't seen him play, check out this video of him playing his own composition Benga Beat. It's a wow.
This time it's all three at once, playing solos, duos and trios. Tickets are already on sale at Malvern Theatres, so act quckly to get the best seats. Already got my tickets!