Change Those Strings!

Transform Your Guitar

If you want to improve the tone of your guitar, simply change those strings. Many people recommend changing strings every three months - when did you last change yours? Give your guitar a spring clean at the same time and add a shine to your playing.

When I've changed strings I am always impressed by the huge improvement in the sustain of the bass notes and wonder why I don't change them more regularly. My own favourites are D'Addario EJ46C - high tension composite core basses. Trebles are nylon, with the exception of the G string, where there is a choice of two. I love to use the coffee coloured composite 3rd string. It gives a less dramatic tone change between bass and treble strings and stays in tune better as well. Standard tension versions of these strings are also available - EJ45C.

So Summer is here what better time to give a lift to your playing?