Here's a new voice in the guitar world.

And some treats for you to listen to.


Concert Guitarist with a Difference

Declan Zapala is a new name to me, though his debut album "Awakenings" was released in 2015. A graduate of the Royal College of Music, Declan counts Craig Ogden, Carlos Bonell and Gary Rayn amongst his tutors. He palys a Stephen Hill guitar,as does Gary Ryan, and I first found a reference to him on that luthier's website. Listen to this link on the Stephen Hill website.

Clearly an accomplished classical guitarist, Declan Zapala brings more contemporary techniques and sounds to the guitar world. His percussive solo composition "Crystal" became an internet sensation a few years ago. He regularly posts on the CandyRat Records YouTube channel. Here is another treat for you, a link to Declan playing the Presto section of Koyunbaba.

Opportunities to see Declan playing seem limited at the moment, though I understand he will be playing at the Edinburgh Festival, so anyone going this year should check him out.

More information when I've bought myself a copy of Awakenings and when I find out when there may be some accessible UK dates.