Worcester Classical Guitar Society
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WYGO is run by Tim Roberts who is a professional guitar teacher.


The idea of the guitar orchestra is to get young players together in a social environment where they can experience all the benefits of ensemble playing. 

Guitarists tend to be a rather solitary bunch, and are not renowned for their sight- reading ability.   Joining WYGO is an opportunity for players to develop this ability, whilst also learning to listen to a group of players whilst playing.



Joining the WYGO is easy and only involves making a commitment to the concert and coming to rehearsals as often as possible.

An entry standard of Grade Two or above is recommended, but please contact Tim if you have any questions.

The WYGO’s rehearsals take place in the newly refurbished Pershore Library on Saturday mornings between 9 and 10 am, and these are held roughly every 3 weeks, with a break for the summer holidays.



The orchestra plays music specially arranged by Guitar society members - Tim Phillips, Tim Roberts and Steve Bridgwater have all written or arranged music especially for the Youth Orchestra


What equipment do I need?

You will need a guitar, a music stand and a footstool.


Do I pay a member's annual subscription?

There are no annual member’s fees - instead, there is a fee of £2 per session, to cover the hire of the hall.

Rehearsals and concerts are great fun, and players have the opportunity to make new friends and learn many new skills on the way.

For all further information please leave a message for Tim via our Contact Page



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