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The Guitar Society promotes ensemble playing for guitarists of all ages and abilities.  We have a Guitar Orchestra, a Youth Guitar Orchestra (WYGO) and the long-standing Worcester Guitar Quartet.  We also encourage other ensembles and solo playing.

Meetings/Rehearsals are in St George’s Church Hall, Barbourne.
New Coronavirus Guidelines are detailed below

Read on for details of the Society, what we do and how to join us.


The Society's aims are to promote the classical guitar in our region, through ensemble playing in our Guitar Orchestra, development of skills in the Youth Guitar Orchestra and arranging professional concerts


Performing in the orchestra certainly helps to develop a person's musical skills and sight reading ability. It is a different discipline from solo playing, it gives the opportunity to perform at public concerts as part of an ensemble - how many of we amateur guitarists would have the opportunity to do this as a solo performer? It gives the opportunity of meeting like minded people and gives a great deal of encouragement to continue developing as a guitarist and musician.

Most members of the orchestra currently play standard classical guitars. However we have now added a contrabass and a couple of requintos to add a little more colour to the sound of the orchestra.

Normally we play music arranged in four parts, with three or four guitars playing each part. This gives a good solid sound and the parts are of varying levels of difficulty, giving an opportunity for all skill (and confidence) levels to take part.


Our monthly rehearsals focus on the pieces we intend to play at our annual concert, usually in November. However, solo and smaller ensembles are also encouraged. We have a long standing quartet - the Worcester Guitar Quartet - that plays at all of our concerts. Duos have also been formed and featured in those concerts.

Our "own" concerts invariably include solo performances from one or more of our members, giving more freedom of expression to those who would like to showcase their own talent, or simply share the music they love to play.

Our rehearsals frequently involve a theme, where individuals are encouraged to perform solo or ensemble works as they choose. We have even chosen just one piece of music and been treated to varying performances and interpretations.


From time to time we organise concerts from professional guitarists. We intend to continue to do this, please refer to this site occasionally to look for details of forthcoming events - or join our mailing list to get advance notice.


The requirements for membership are simply a nylon strung guitar, a footstool and music stand. Members do need to be able to read music. Classical guitarists are not renowned for their sight reading ability and ample time between rehearsals is given to practise and develop each piece.

New members are always welcome, come along and join in, or just listen, as you feel comfortable. Our Secretary Carol Postlethwaite can provide any further information that you need.

Revised Meetings & Rehearsals

All meetings are held in the Church Hall (Magdalen Hall) of St George’s Church, St George’s Square, Barbourne, Worcester WR1 1HX.
Meetings start at 6:30 pm and go on to 8:30/9:00 pm.  Normally we have a break for tea and biscuits, but in the new normal you’ll have to bring your own!   There will be no concert this year, of course, due to Coronavirus.  We intend to refresh the pieces already written and arranged for this year, plus members will be able to play solos, duos and talk about techniques and performance.

There will be COVID-19 precautions in place - masks will be compulsory, we will maintain social distancing and cleaning/sanitising procedures will be in place.  Our Secretary Carol Postlethwaite can provide full details and any updates of all these procedures, please make contact via our Contact Page, or follow the link above.

Please see the below the procedures we are currently establishing to ensure everyone’s safety.

Meetings for 2020








1.  Please provide our Secretary, Carol Postlethwaite with a contact telephone number, by email in advance.  This is to ensure we can contact people easily should someone develop symptoms later.  Please advise any contact changes so our information is up-to-date.

2.  Face coverings must be worn at all times whilst inside the building.  Please let Carol know by email if for some reason you are exempt from face coverings.

3.  Please DO NOT attend a meeting if you or anyone in your household has had Covid-19 symptoms in the last 10 days and if you develop symptoms within 10 days of visiting the Hall you must alert other members with whom you have been in contact.

4.  Windows and doors must be kept open for ventilation, so please bring warm clothes!

5.  If you are aged 70 or over, be aware that you are likely to be more clinically vulnerable to Covid-19.  For all our sakes, everyone should maintain 2m social distancing, especially when entering and exiting the building and using the toilet facilities.

6.  There is a one-way system for entering; through the glass door into the lobby and exiting through a glass door out of the Hall onto the grass of the Quiet Garden.  Please read the signs on the doors.

7.  We will not be able to use the kitchen, so please bring a flask and biscuits if you wish.

8.  Procedures for sharing instruments (requinto and bass guitars) will be discussed at the first meeting.  We may decide not to share these instruments.

9.  We are responsible for sanitising everything before we leave: door handles, light switches, windows, equipment used, tables and chairs.  Toilets: toilet handles and seats, wash basins, surfaces likely to be touched.  We must also take away all rubbish, e.g. tissues, used paper towels and cloths.

10.  All members should use the hand sanitiser provided on entering and exiting the building and after using tissues.  It would be helpful if all members were to bring their own hand sanitiser.
11.  We will establish a small team of volunteers to do the sanitising at the end of the meeting, with one person responsible for checking that everything has been done.

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