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Here’s some examples of the range of music covered by the term “Classical Guitar"
If you were not sure whether you liked “classical" music this might change your mind.
If you are a Classical Guitar fan then take a look and see if you can find something new.

Cavalcade, by Mathias Duplessy

French Guitarist Jérémy Jouve plays the Presto Movment from Cavalcade, written by the multi-instrumentalist and composer Mathias Duplessy.  Duplessy taught himself to play the guitar at the age of 6 and now plays instruments from all over the globe.  Has interest and influences from Classical to Jazz.  Well worth researching further.

Blackbird - Miloš Karadlaglić

Miloš plays his own arrangement of the Beatles tune, from his album of Beatles music of the same name.

Benga Beat

Gary Ryan plays his own composition “Benga Beat”  African influenced music and rhythms, all in all a great example of modern extended technique on the Classical Guitar.
This is a virtuoso performance and well worth watching - many times over!

Danza Brasilera

Written by the Argentinian guitarist/Composer Jorge Morel, Danza Brasilera is played here by Tavi Jinariu.  Good quality recording and captures the Brazilian Rhythm so very well.  Such nice long fingers!  Makes that middle section look easy - good video to watch if you want to see how to play this piece properly.

Fisherman’s Song at Eventide

The wonderful Chinese guitarist Xufei Yang plays her own arrangement of a traditional Chinese song.  Traditionally played on a guzheng, Xufei extends the repertoire of the Classical Guitar by bringing us such beautiful music from her homeland.

Verano Porteño

Tango Nuevo from Astor Piazzola, played here on the guitar by Brandon Acker.
Summer in Buenos Aires and a performance that encapsulates the passion and emotion of the piece.

Asturias, by Isaac Albeniz

Here’s a piece from the conventional Classical Guitar repertoire.  Albeniz was a pianist and composer and never wrote for the guitar.  However much of his music has been transcribed for the guitar - many believe tht his works, based on traditional Spanish folk music idioms, are supremely suited to the guitar.

Here the music is beautifully played by the English guitarist Alexandra Whittingham, on a Christopher Dean guitar.

Danza Española, by Enrique Granados

More from the classical repertoire and from Spain.  This piece was again written for piano and transcribed for guitar duet.  Rather than the well known Julian Bream/John Williams recording, here’s an excellent performance by Tariq Harb and Anatole Blanchet

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